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Consumers can apply for the Union Plus Credit Card from Capital One by visiting www.unionpluscard.com/applynow.com.  If you received a mailer from Capital One advertising their Union Plus card offer you have been pre-selected to apply for the Union Plus card.

Union Plus Card Apply Now Invitation Code

To apply online users will need to locate their Union Plus Card invitation/activation code which is located above your name on the mailer you received.  The code consists of 10 digits.  Once you find the code enter it in the appropriate field on the application site to begin the short application process.  

The unionpluscard.com/applynow invitation code identifies you in the system and pre-populates some of your application info which is designed to help speed up the application process.  After you’ve finished applying you will receive an instant response on your decision and approval typically within under a minute.  

Other Ways to Apply

Applying online for a Union Plus Capital One card is not the only option available for consumers.  They can also apply by mail or by phone.  To apply by mail you will need to utilize the paper application you received with your mailer, complete it, and send it back via mail.  It will take a week or so before you know your application status.

Consumers can also elect to apply by telephone.  The number to call is 1-800-522-4000 and speak with a customer service agent.  They can assist you with the application over the phone and approve or deny your application.  Any applicant that does not receive an instant approval decision can call to check on their application status at 1-877-277-0948.

Union Plus Card Offer Details

The Union Plus Card is specifically for members of a participating union.  If you received an invitation to apply for this card then you or a family member you know is a member of a union.  Further details about this card are below:

  • Members account must be in good standing
  • Retired union member
  • Family member of a current union member that’s in good standing of a participating union
  • Member of Working America that resides in 50 United States, Washington DC, or a US military location

Highlights and Benefits

There are 3 different types of cards offered by Union Plus and all of them offer $0 annual fee, around the clock US based phone customer service, and $0 fraud liability.  Below are the differences in each particular card.

Primary Access Card

  • For good credit
  • $0 annual fee
  • 24.49% variable APR
  • For building credit
  • $300-$3,500 credit line

Rate Advantage Card

  • For excellent credit
  • $0 annual fee + low interest rate
  • 0% intro APR for first 15 months on purchases and transfers afterwards 12.15%-22.15% variable APR
  • $500-$7500 credit line

Cash Rewards Card

  • For excellent credit
  • 1.5% cash back on every purchase
  • $0 annual fee
  • 0% intro APR for first 12 months on purchases and transfers afterwards 14.15%-23.99% variable APR
  • $500-$10,000 credit line




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