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Customers that received a credit card mailer for the Total Visa Credit Card can apply for the card online at www.totalcardvisa.com.  The site has simplified the application process and will only take a few minutes to complete the application and receive an immediate decision on your acceptance.

Apply For Total Visa Card

To apply online visit the application site and fill in your personal details on the application form.  You will need to enter your name, address, phone number, answer if you have an active checking account, select a design for your card, and click the Continue Your Application button.  If approved your card will be mailed to your address.

After receiving your card in the mail the next step is to go through the Total Card Visa activation for use.  Revisit the application website and at the top of the screen is a red Activate Your Card button.  Select that button and the next screen that’ll be displayed is the Find My Approved Application screen that will assist you with locating your card in the system.

To perform a search simply enter your Date of Birth or Application ID or email address then click the red Submit button.  Either function will locate your card info so your card can be activated.

Total Visa Card Details

This credit card comes with a number of details that consumers should consider before committing to the card.  We’ve listed some highlights for you to be aware of:

  • Cardholders are required to have a checking account to be accepted
  • There is an $89 processing fee to actually open your account and once the fee has been paid then your card will be available for use anywhere Visa is accepted
  • APR 29.99%
  • $75 annual fee for the first year and every year thereafter it drops to $48
  • Monthly service fee is applied to customers credit cards which for the first year there is no charge but after the first year it’s a $75 annual fee
  • Additional card fee of $29 annually
  • Late penalty fees are up to $37 for late pays and returned payments

For customers with less than stellar credit one credit card option that customers can use to rebuild their credit score is the Total Visa Credit Card.  Customers may have heard about this card via a letter they received in the mail or possibly via email but it’s a decent card for those serious about turning their credit around if you use it responsibly and understand the card features.  The online application process is simple and quick allowing you to receive a decision on your acceptance within a few minutes.



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