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American Express Apply Business Gold

Consumers that recently received an offer letter in the mail for the American Express Business Gold Rewards card can apply online at  This offer is exclusively for those who received a mailer which signifies you’re eligible to apply and be approved for the card.  When applying make sure you have your RSVP Code handy as it’s needed to begin the online application process.

Applicants have a few ways to apply for the Amex Business Gold Rewards Card.  The easiest and most convenient way is to apply online.  You can also complete the paper application included with your mailer, send it back in the mail, and wait for a response which can take over 7 days.  The online site is available to users 24 hours a day and after applying you’ll receive an acceptance or denial response within 60 seconds of applying.

ApplyBusinessGold Introductory Offer

As an introductory offer for new members American Express is offering customers with the opportunity to earn 50,000 points after they spend $5,000 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months of card membership.  Each person that received the mailer for this offer has a deadline to respond to this offer by so you will need to respond before the due date.

Points Earning Potential

To earn the most points when using your Amex Business Gold Rewards Card you will need to understand how the category system works.  There are 5 categories involved that members are eligible to earn points from when making purchases.  Those categories are:

  • Airfare purchased from the airlines
  • US purchases for advertising in select media
  • US purchases at gas stations
  • US purchases for shipping
  • US computer equipment (including hardware, software, and cloud computing made directly from select providers)

Amex members can earn 3X the points on one category from the list above, 2X the points on the 4 remaining categories, and 1X the points on other purchases.  One basic limitation that applies to this points earning plan is 3x and 2x points apply to the first $100,000 in purchases in each of the 5 categories per year, 1x point per dollar thereafter.

Redeem Your Points

When you’re ready to redeem your rewards points remember there are over 500 leading brands in travel, gift cards, merchandise, or entertainment to consider.  You have the option to use your earned points on covering your flights, booking hotels, vacations, cruises, etc.  All of your travel accomodations can be made with American Express Travel.

Points can also be redeemed for everyday business expenses to assist you with your travel costs or reward your employees.

To apply for an American Express Business Gold Rewards card complete the paper application that you received in the mail and return it.  It may take a couple weeks to learn if you’ve been accepted or not OR simply visit and apply online.  After completing the application process you can learn in about 60 seconds if you’ve been approved or not.

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