Ralphs Prepaid Visa Card Activation and Login

Start earning rewards points today by receiving a Ralph’s Rewards Plus Visa Prepaid Debit Card.  As a frequent Kroger shopper you can earn free groceries just by using your Ralph’s card to make your purchases.  With the Visa logo you can also use your new card for purchases anywhere Visa is accepted and continue earning rewards points.  Purchases made at Kroger’s will net cardholders up to 2 points per dollar spent while purchases made elsewhere will net 1 point per dollar spent.

For new users of the card the first step in getting your own is to purchase a Temporary Card at a Kroger’s store.  There are no credit checks involved in the purchase process.  When you go to checkout with your Temporary Card you will need to load cash onto the card.  This will be your initial deposit and it has to be greater than $10 and no more than $500.  The next step is to activate your card which can be done by calling 1-866-757-2273 or by visiting ralphs.kpfprepaid.com.  You will need your card handy to enter in your 16 digit card number and 3 digit security code.

Your Temporary Card is not a reloadable card but can be used just like a Visa debit card until your new Personalized Card arrives in the mail.  After 7 days or so you will receive your Personalized Card which will be your actual reloadable Visa card that you’ll use continually.  It will need to be activated as well using the same activation steps as the Temporary Card.  The maximum amount you can load on your card is $3,000.

In regards to earning rewards points new cardholders will need to accumulate 500 rewards points before they will receive their first discount which equals a $5 off coupon.  E-certificates are sent out on a quarterly basis when you’ve reached the 500 rewards points baseline.  Cardholders can access their account information online to review their purchases, balance details, payment information, and rewards points totals.

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