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The CustomerStatus website is an online portal for customers that purchased an infomercial product and would like to check the status of their order.  They simply want an update of where it is in the ordering and shipping process.

This information is readily available online and customers can refer to this guide if they need instructions on how to operate the Customerstatus site.

How To Navigate CustomerStatus

At the homepage of the website you have 6 different ways to inquire about your order.  Simply select one of the six options and enter in the information that is requested, here’s a list of those in order:

  • Option 1 – enter last name and order number
  • Option 2 – enter email address and last 4 digits of credit card
  • Option 3 – enter phone number and last 4 digits of credit card
  • Option 4 – enter last name, credit card, and last 4 digits of zip code
  • Option 5 – enter last name, phone number, and last 4 digits of zip code
  • Option 6 – enter email address and zip code

After entering in the required info for each search option always click the black Search button to initiate the customer status search. Site Highlights

One of the purposes of the Customerstatus site is it allows customers to manually perform a search for their product and see when it will be shipped or what is the delay.  This is a much more convenient option that simply calling to speak with someone in customer service.

The site is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week allowing for customers to retrieve information anytime.  After you have placed your order it should be available for tracking via CustomerStatus.

It is simple to use by providing customers 6 different search methods to perform a search for their product status. is a popular 3rd party web portal that many online AS Seen On TV advertisers are using to track their customers orders.  Here is a list of TV infomercial products that utilize this service. If you’ve recently purchased one of these products and would like to know its status please check the website.  

  • PajamJeans
  • Perfecter Fusion Styler
  • Zoomies
  • Clear TV
  • Wipe New
  • The Genie Bra
  • Chop Magic
  • Fusion Juicer


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