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Employees who have their paycheck deposited onto their prepaid payment card can access their funds and manage their transactions online at the Paymentcardinfo website.  The site is an online resource for employees to monitor their account and utilize features available, such as:

Getting Started with Paymentcardinfo

The first step to getting started with a prepaid paycard is your employer has to issue them and direct your paystubs to be sent there.  The next step after receiving your card is to activate it.

**Be prepared to create your username and password including setup your security features

After finishing the enrollment process you will be able to login to your online account.

Forget Username or Password

If you forget your Paymentcardinfo username or password you can refer to the troubleshooting links on the homepage to help your retrieve or reset this information.  

Forgetting your username will require you to enter your card number to get started while forgetting your password will require entering your username.

Paymentcardinfo Benefits/Info

There are a lot of benefits to utilizing an employee paycard.  It ultimately saves the employee time and money and offers so much more convenience.  Here is a list of benefits you will enjoy with your paycard:

  • Provides you with a more convenient way to receive your wages
  • Faster access to your pay
  • Save time and money
  • No more waiting in line to cash checks 
  • No check cashing fees
  • Manage funds via web, mobile, text alerts
  • Safer than cash in your pocket
  • Shop online
  • Receive tax refunds, government benefits deposited directly to your card

Download Mobile App

If you haven’t already considered downloading the mobile app so you can monitor your funds while on the go.  The same functions and features that are available from inside your online account are readily available to you via the mobile app.

Visit the App store or Google Play to download the app to your smartphone or mobile device.

Contact Customer Service

Customer service can be contacted 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  You can call the toll free number below to speak with someone.

Call 1-833-848-5768


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