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Here’s an opportunity to upgrade your credit card to the Citi Double MasterCard.  New Citi customers that have been pre-selected for the Citi Double Cash Mastercard  can apply online at  The Citi Double MasterCard is open to certain customers that have received a mailer indicating they’ve been pre-selected to apply for the card. There is a promotional period for customers to respond to this offer so while the window of opportunity is open take advantage of it.  

Citi Double Cash MasterCard

One of the primary features of the Double Cash card is it allows new members to enjoy a 0% APR over 18 months on balance transfers and purchases.  Then after the 18 month period is over members will receive a variable APR that will be between 13.24% and 23.24% based on their creditworthiness.  Some points to consider about balance transfers is you will not earn cash back on balance transfers.  During a balance transfer you will be charged interest on your purchases unless you pay your entire balance by the payment due date each month.  All transfers must be completed within 4 months of opening your account.  There is also a fee of $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer or whichever is greater.

Cardholders will also earn 1% cashback on purchases as well as an additional 1% cash back on payments of those purchases.  This specific perk is what gives the Double Cash card its name because cardholders are earning cash back twice.  The cashback feature offers unlimited earnings so unlike other credit cards you won’t have to worry about qualifying categories and cap limits. You are unhinged and can earn points as you continue making purchases and paying your bill every month.  This cashback offer is only available for new cardholders.

Other Citi Double Cash perks are there is no annual fee on the card.  All of the benefits and amenities attached to the card membership are free of an annual fee.  For all that the card offers compared to other no fee credit cards the Double Cash is a great deal without the need to attach an annual fee.

How to Apply for Citi Double Mastercard

To take action and begin the application process for this card visit or utilize the application form you may have received in the mail attached to your Citi mailer. The form is very brief only requiring you to fill in your social security number, date of birth, phone number, annual income, mortgage/rent payment, balance transfer card information, etc.  The online application process is basically the same information but you will need to enter including your 12 digit personal invitation number which is highlighted on the mailer.  

After completing the online application you will need to wait a minute or so to receive your instant decision on your credit acceptance.  The site will display if you’ve been accepted and extended a line of credit.  If accepted your new credit card will be mailed out to your home within a few days.  New cardholders should be sure to review the terms on their Citi Double MasterCard. Information about late payment penalty fees, returned payments, cash advance transaction fees, and other fees are highlighted on the disclosure form included in your mailer.

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