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Consumers can join the waitlist to apply for the Benjamin Mastercard online by visiting the credit card’s website.  The Benjamin credit card is a one of a kind card that offers customers unique benefits/perks that many will find attractive, here’s a list of perks:

How to Apply for Benjamin Mastercard

Enter the following info:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Click the green Join the Waitlist button

If you’ve already applied but want to check your status click the “Already on Waitlist Check Your Status link

What is the Benjamin Credit Card

The Benjamin Mastercard gives consumers the opportunity to build their own credit card with some of the perks they enjoy.  Consumers will be able to choose low APR’s, elect to have shorter billing cycles, receive a non-plastic card, and more.


No hard credit pull

Limits up to $25,000

Earn 4% APY on rewards points

Insurance program

Travel upgrades

Card Types

This is not your typical plastic credit card.  Each card is personalized to your taste and desired when it comes to how it looks and feels.  You can order a card with the following metal options:





Rose gold


Benjamin Card Products


World Mastercard

Mastercard World Elite

Benjamin Mastercard Cash Back Earnings

No annual fee

2x on dining

2x on subscriptions

1x on gym memberships

1x on insurance

Benjamin World Mastercard Cash Back Earnings

$149 annual fee

3x on dining

3x on subscriptions

2x on gyms

2x on insurance

2x on travel

1x on everything else

Benjamin Mastercard World Elite Cash Back Earnings

$249 annual fee

4x on dining

4x on subscriptions

3x on gyms

3x on insurance

3x on travel

1x on everything else

Flexible Billing Options

Billing can be arranged in monthly, bi-weekly, and every week


Comparable interest rates from 17% – 24% APR

Up to 5% lower compared to other rewards cards


12% – 17% APR

Cut interest rates in half with bi-weekly payments

Every Week

7% – 12% APR

Lowest rates on the market

If a balance is carried a weekly billing plan will save money in the end


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