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Patients of Emergency Group Office who recently received a billing statement in the mail can submit a payment on their bill at the EGO Payment Portal located at  The EGO Payment Portal is free to use and is a convenient way for patients to pay their bill instantly.  The other payment options such as by mail and telephone are still available for customers to use but the online payment service is a first choice for many patients.

EGO Payment Portal

To make a payment on your bill visit the EGO Payment Portal.  You will need to have handy your most recent billing statement which has your patient account number and password highlighted on it.  Your personal account is identified through the online service by your patient account number and password.

Once logged in to the system you will be able to view your account online and the total payment owed.  Patients can submit a payment by credit card or electronic bank draft.  If you are paying by credit card you will need to enter your credit card number and if you’re paying by checking or savings account you will need to enter your bank’s routing number including your account number.

Online payments are posted to your account the same day but if drafted from your bank account my take a couple days processing.  Before making a payment it is a good idea to check your online account to ensure your name and billing information is correct and corresponds with the billings statement you received in the mail.

Emergency Group Office

The Emergency Group’s Office Patient Services Department utilizes the EGO Payment Portal as a tool of convenience for them as well as for patients.  The service reduces the amount of phone calls and questions about patient billing while giving patients more control over their account.  They can make their payments online which is a fast process and through their home computer or mobile devices payments can be made anytime with ease.

Take advantage of the online payment service offered by the Emergency Group Office at  It saves time and you don’t have to worry about buying stamps and envelopes, the service is free to use online.

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