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MedStar Health patients can submit online payments for medical bills that are due at  The MedStar Health Patient Information Center not only accepts payments but also allow patients to view their physician’s statements in itemized form as well as view their upcoming appointments.  If necessary patients can also print out their statements and appointments in hardcopy form.

MedStar Physicians Billing

MedStar Health has made paying hospital and doctors bills online very simple for patients through the MedStar Health Patient Information Center.  The online center allows patients to have a secure access to their account information and is conveniently available for patients 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

With MHPIC patients don’t really need any assistance with utilizing the online service to pay their bills.  All of their billing information is recorded in their account and they can submit a payment without having to speak with someone from customer service or stand in a line at a doctor’s office.  All of your billing details that are typically printed on a physician’s bill which is mailed out to you is in a similar format inside your online account for you to review and pay.

Medstarhealthphysicians Login

Patients interested in using the online service can sign up for access by visiting MedStar Health Physicians.  They can go through the process of creating an online account and creating their login credentials.  Once their account has been setup for use it will be available for them to login to and make payments from any computer including mobile devices.  Patients who are not interested in setting up an online account can still make a payment via MHPIC by selecting “Pay now” beside the Make a one-time payment option.

Online Payment Process

When making a one-time payment you will need to enter in the correct provider facility the bill is from, your billing account number, who is financially responsible, and the statement date.  Once this information is entered the next step is to select your payment option which can be by credit card or check.  Customers will need to enter their bank routing number and account number for electronic debiting or their credit card numbers for payment.

Using the online payment service is an alternative for customers, they can continue to submit their payments via telephone or by mail.  Payments by phone can be made at 1-866-670-4501 or use submit a payment by check via mail.  It is easier to use to pay because your payment is processed instantly but those other options are available.

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