Www.citizensone.com/amazon150 – Loan Offer From Citizens

Eligible customers that received an offer to apply for a Citizens One Personal Loan can accept the loan offer online or by phone.  In order to be eligible for the loan you have to have met the basic requirements which pertain to having a responsible credit history.

Citizens One Amazon 150 Invitation Code

Depending on how you would like to apply you can visit their website or call the toll free phone number.

Apply Online

  • Visit www.citizensone.com/amazon150
  • Locate “Enter code below” section of the website
  • Enter in your citizens one amazon 150 invitation code

**10 digit code found at the bottom of your mailer in this format ###-###-####


  • Click the orange Get My Rate button
  • This will check your rate which only takes about 2 minutes with no impact to your credit score
  • Afterwards you can continue the application process and receive an instant credit decision

Apply by Phone

  • Call 1-866-999-0142
  • Speak with a Customer Service Representative

Citizens One Amazon Personal Loan Offer

There are a number of highlights for customers to consider when applying for a Citizens One personal loan.  It comes with a few perks and incentives:

  • For a limited time receive a $150 Amazon Gift Card upon closing a new Citizens One Personal Loan

***depending on your credit history and credit qualifications a minimum loan amount will be required – minimum $5,000 up to $50,000

  • Fixed rates as low as 6.79% APR
  • Choose your terms from 3 years to 7 years
  • Get your rate before you apply with no impact to your credit score

Loan Details

  • No fees
  • Low fixed rates
  • Receive a quick credit response
  • Required documents can be e-signed and uploaded for easy and efficient closing
  • Customize your repayment options
  • Choose your repayment term to customize your monthly payment amount
  • One easy monthly payment causing you to save time and quit paying multiple bills each month
  • If approved funds are direct deposited into your account in 2 business days

Loan Requirements

To ensure you can take full advantage of this loan there are some guidelines that need to be followed to better guarantee your loan acceptance through the Citizens One Amazon 150 Invitation Code:

  • Apply via www.citizensone.com/amazon150 or phone number listed on letter
  • Finance a minimum amount listed on letter
  • Have loan disbursed before date on letter
  • Gift card will be delivered to the primary borrower on the account via e-mail within 90 days of loan disbursement
  • Must provide a valid email address during the application process to receive the gift card
  • One gift card per account

Customer Service

Any questions a customer may have about the Citizens One Amazon Personal Loan Offer can be directed to customer service or visit citizensone.com/amazon150 and visit the FAQ section.

Common Reasons For A Personal Loan

If you are contemplating if a personal loan is right for you, here are some reasons why the average consumer considers these types of loans:

  • Pay off existing debt
  • Complete a home improvement project
  • Take a dream vacation
  • Upcoming major purchase
  • Special occasion




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