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Primor credit cardholders can access their credit card account online by visiting the BerkshireBank Online Access at  The site is available to members 24/7 and users can view all of their account information online instead of waiting for their monthly billing statement to arrive.

The BerkshireBank Online Access is a free service to cardholders and is a convenient way for them to manage their credit card spending from their home computer, public computer, or mobile devices.  With your login credentials you can use any of these devices to login to your account either at home, via public access, or while on the go using your smartphone.

How to Access FirstChoiceBankCC

From the online FirstChoiceBankCC portal Primor Secured Visa Classic and Primor Secured Visa Gold Card members can make online payments, view their statements, and review recent transactions.  To login you simply need to enter your User Name and Password which is created during the registration process.

For first-time users of the site you will need to select the Enroll in Online Services link and complete registration.  The online registration form requires users to enter their account number, first name, middle initial, last name, last 4 digits of their social security number, email address, mother’s maiden name, expiration date on your Primor card, and the 3 digit CVC/CVV number on the back of your card.

After completing registration and creating your login credentials you can begin accessing your credit card details online.  With your online First Choice Bank Primor account you’ll be able to check your account info before receiving a statement in the mail.

First Choice Bank Primor Online Service

Like mentioned earlier there are a number of benefits and conveniences the First Choice Bank CC portal provides customers.  Below I will list some of the features that online cardholders enjoy.

Pay Bill Online

Primor cardholders have the option to pay their credit card bill from inside their online account.  You only need to setup your checking or savings account which will be used for online payments.  Enter in your checking/savings account number and bank routing number.  After you’ve setup your account for electronic debiting you can begin making one-time or recurring monthly payments.

From your First Choice Bank CC Payment account you can schedule, view, edit, or cancel your one-time or recurring payments.  The entire payment process is secure with your bank information being sent via a secured internet connection to a secured server.

View Account Summary

One of the first things you’ll see after logging in to is the Account Summary page.  This page gives you a snapshot of your account listing all of the important info you’ll want to immediately see.  You will see your account balance, available credit, cash limit, minimum payment due, payment due date, last payment amount, dispute information, and recent transaction info.

Setup Email Alerts

Cardholders should take advantage of the email alerts feature which will notify you of events you want to be notified of via email.  You can setup these alerts such as when your credit limit is reached, when your credit card balance is at a certain limit, daily transaction limit, when payments have been made to your account, etc.

There are a number of other conveniences and features that Primor credit card users will find helpful with the online BerkshireBank service.  If you haven’t enrolled visit and save time and money using the online service.

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