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Customers with a Health Products Card can activate their card online and create an online account that will allow them to purchase products online and manage their account.  With an online account members are able to access their info and order 24 hours a day.

Health Products Card Activation Process

After receiving your Health Products Card in the mail the next step is to activate the card.  You can activate it by phone or online.  

Activate by Phone

Call 1-844-368-7171

Activate Online

You will need to create an online account to activate online.  We will provide you with all the important details on creating your online account:

  • If you’ve just received your card click the black Activate button to the right of the screen 
  • Enter your card number, expiration date, and date of birth
  • Click the yellow Activate My Card button
  • Continue on in the process until you receive your activation confirmation


First Time Registration

  • Visit www.healthproductscard.com
  • Click the blue Create Account link

Enter the following details:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • State
  • Date of birth
  • Member ID
  • Click the blue Next button
  • Create your login credentials
  • Select your security protocols
  • Click the Register button
  • Check your email to receive a registration confirmation

After Registering Logging Into Your Account

  • Visit www.healthproductscard.com
  • Type in your Username and Password
  • Click the blue Login button
  • After logging in you can view your account info including personal and plan info

Health Products Card Info

The Health Products Cards are offered by United Healthcare which offers their members a variety of health plans.  The card program allows cardholders to buy OTC medical products at no additional cost.

The HPC card is provided by FirstLine Medical which manages and mails out all orders.  

Health Products Card Advantages

There are some benefits to having a Health Products Card.  Here is a list of perks associated with the card:

Each card that is received is a pre-loaded debit card that credits load onto automatically

Low cost quality OTC products are accessible to members

All orders are shipped for free and there are no handling charges and no additional taxes charged to the customer

Orders can be processed online, by mail, or by phone

Speak With Customer Service

Click the Need Help chat box on the right side of the screen

You’re able to chat online with with a customer care representative instantly during the following schedule:

Monday – Friday 7am to 7pm CST

Saturday 7am to 4pm CST

Call 1-800-933-2914 TTY 711

Click the blue Open Chat button




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