Wells Fargo Activate Card – Activate Debit/Credit Card

Customers of Wells Fargo that received a Wells Fargo Debit or Credit Card after receiving it in the mail can follow a few steps to activate their card and begin using it.  Before you can begin using your new card you will need to activate it.

Wells Fargo Activate Credit Card Guide

There are a few options for activation which are online, by phone, or via a Wells Fargo ATM.  To apply online consider:


First time users

If you don’t already have a Wells Fargo account then you will need to follow these Wells Fargo activate credit card instructions:

  • Click the blue Enroll Now link
  • Enter your Social Security Number
  • Enter one of the following Wells Fargo accounts that you currently have:
  • Account number
  • Loan number
  • ATM card number
  • Debit card number

***If you don’t have a SSN or any Wells Fargo accounts click the check boxes that state – 

  • “I don’t have an SSN”
  • “I don’t have an Account, loan, ATM card, or debit card number”

If you have the above information the final step is to:

  • Click the red Continue button

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Activate By Phone

If you are not interested in activating your card online at wellsfargo.com/activatecard then consider the phone option:

Activate By Wells Fargo ATM

The wellsfargo.com/activate option is by far the most convenient way to activate your new card but if you can also activate it using the ATM option:

  • Visit a Wells Fargo ATM
  • Enter your card and enter your Pin
  • Follow the instructions on the ATM

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wellsfargo.com/activatecard Details

After activating your new card it is necessary that you sign the back of it immediately.  Any temporary cards that you may have received while waiting for your new card to arrive should be properly disposed of.  You don’t need it anymore, simply cut it up and throw it away.

Tracking Your Card Activity

Another step to consider is signing up for Online and mobile banking which provides customers with access to their credit card or debit card activity.  You are also provided your account information 24/7 including your card purchases, monthly credit card payments, ATM transactions, and any deposits made to your card.

There are account alerts available that can be setup to notify you of choice transactions as they occur sent via email or text.  

Access your spending report which is an automated report for viewing your card and other account activity by spending category.  

Paying Bills

If you’re interested in paying bills with your Wells Fargo credit/debit card you have the option to make one-time bill pays or sign up for recurring monthly payments.  For monthly recurring bill pays you will need to select a date each month for your payment to be made.  

These payments are posted to your account the same day and you don’t have to worry about late fees.  The recurring bill pay option automatically pays your bill on the date scheduled. 




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