– Login to Titanium Prepaid MasterCard Account

Cardholders with a Titanium Prepaid MasterCard can access their credit card account online at ( The site provides users with online access to their card information including transactions, online payment options, balance, and more. Users will find convenience with the site as they can login anytime of the day from their computer, laptop, mobile devices, or smartphones.

Customers who recently received a Titanium Prepaid MasterCard can register their card online at My Titanium. When registering you will need to enter your card number, name, date of birth, social insurance number, create your User ID, password, and security question. Once your card has been validated and activated you will be able to login to your account.

Cardholders can setup direct deposit (DirectLoad) inside their account which will allow them to receive their paycheck directly from their employer. In order to utilize DirectLoad you will need to email or print the pre-filled form that is available for download inside your account and give it to your employer.

Mobile customers can bypass using their web browser to visit My Titanium to login to their account but instead download the mobile app to their phone that will allow them continual access while on the go. When they want to check their account they can simply use the app on their phone to display their account balance, view transactions, and make payments.

To always know your balance and recent transactions the alerts feature is available which will send notifications via email or text when prompted. This feature will also notify users of changes in their account such as low balance.

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