Mybalancenow Login – Monitor Target Gift Card Balance

Mybalancenow Login – Monitor Target Gift Card Balance

Target gift cardholders can monitor and check their gift card balance online at  The site is applicable for the Target Visa Gift Card, Target Mastercard Gift Card, and the Target Visa Prepaid Card.  

Login Steps For

To login and manage your Target card from mybalancenow users will need to follow a few simple steps to accessing your card info:

While viewing your Dashboard you will have access to viewing all of your purchases with your Target card and other features such as setting limits.  

How to Check Target Gift Card Balance

Target customers can also check their gift card balance by communicating with customer service.  The customer service phone number is 1-800-698-4952. If you need to write a letter or send correspondence to customer service here is the address:

Customer Care

PO  Box 826

Fortson, GA  31808

Please understand that the only options available for cardholders to checking their Target gift card balance is via or calling customer service.  You cannot receive balance information via store merchants.  They are unable to check your card balance.

Target Gift Card Features

There are a number of features to consider when using your Target gift card.  Here is a list of highlights for cardholders to consider:

  • Funds never expire
  • Use card in-store and online
  • No fees after purchase
  • Convenient and secure
  • No personal information or credit check required
  • Use card to pay for gas, buy groceries, shop online, etc.
  • Can be used everywhere Visa debit cards and debit mastercard are accepted within the US and District of Columbia
  • Know your card balance before you shop
  • Enjoy the convenience of shopping online with merchants within the US and District of Columbia

How to Use Your Gift Card

target gift card balance

Each gift card users needs to be aware of some basic steps when it comes to using your gift card.  One of the most critical steps is making sure you know you balance before you beginning shopping.

This way you know exactly how much you have to spend.

If an item costs more than your card balance you can use a 2nd payment method such as cash, check, credit, or debit card for the difference.  

Inform the cashier how much to apply with each type of payment when you make your purchase.

  • Finalize your purchase as a signature transaction
  • Choose Credit and sign the receipt
  • Visit to track your transactions
  • Use Debit transaction option
  • Choose Debit and enter your PIN

Cardholders should also be aware of preauthorizations and holds that are placed on your card at certain gas pump terminals and restaurants.  These places may place a hold on your card for an amount greater than your purchase.

The hold on your card can last until your transaction is finalized and may stay on your card for up to 7 days.


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