Myrewardcardbalance Mastercard – Register and Activate Card

Consumers that have rewards dollars on a Prepaid Mastercard can register and activate that card online at the Myrewardcardbalance website.  The site is available for cardholders to access anytime and offers the following functionality:

MyrewardcardBalance Mastercard Access

The very first step to accessing the funds on your card is to activate your card as soon as you receive it.  Here’s some basic steps on activating and accessing your card:

After going through the steps to activating your card at the end you will be able to see your funds available for spending.  Going forward you will be able to access this information via your home computer, mobile device, or any public computer with a browser and internet access by following the instructions above.

Activate Card via Phone

The second option for activating your rewards card for use is by calling the toll free number on the back of your card.  Just turn the card over and you will see the number.  If you don’t have internet access you can call the number for assistance.

Contact Customer Service

If you have questions or concerns you can reach out to customer service via the Contact Us link at the bottom of the homepage  There will be a form you will need to complete which requires the following info:

  • Your contact reason
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Reward card number
  • Comments
  • Click the blue Continue button

Mailing address for correspondence

407 N. Maple Drive Suite 300

Beverly Hills, CA  90210

Ph number: 1-866-691-4768

The same information that is available at the homepage can be accessed by speaking with a customer service representative over the phone.  They will help you with a PIN, obtaining your card balance, and explaining any problems you may be having.

Myrewardcardbalance Card Details

There are a few specific details about your prepaid rewards card that you should be aware of, here is a small list of items:

Funds remaining after expiration of this card will not belong to you or be available to your for additional use

Always know the exact dollar amount available on the card

Card will expire as indicated by the expiration date found on the card 

Replacement card fee $10.00

Prepaid cards are marketed by Fandango Loyalty Solutions, LLC

Can be used everywhere Visa debit cards and debit Mastercard are accepted

No cash access

Visa Rewards Card is issued by MetaBank

Not a credit card

Not a checking account

Is a store value account where your funds are held


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