Fueleverywhere – Register and Check Balance Online

Customers with the Fuel Everywhere Visa Gift Card can register their card and check the balance online at the Fuel Everywhere website.  The site is available 24 hours for cardholders to access their Visa card info including monitoring their card transactions.

Register FuelEverywhere Gift Card 

After receiving a Fuel Everywhere card the first thing a cardholder should consider is registering it, here’s how:

***Enter the following information***


Why Registration?

You may be wondering why you should go through the trouble of registering your Fuel Everywhere Gift card, well there are a couple reasons to consider:

In case your card is stolen or lost registering your card helps validate your info and when it’s time to replace the funds or transfer to a new card the process is quick and easy.

If you don’t choose to register @ fueleverywhere.com online it is necessary to write down the card number and customer service number from the back of the card on a separate piece of paper in case the card is lost or stolen

FuelEverywhere Balance Check

The same process that is required to register your card is required to check your balance online.  

On the menu bar or at the bottom of the page click Check Your Balance link and enter the following info:

Another option for checking your card balance is to call customer service which offers automated balance inquiries.  Customer service is available 24/7 for balance checks.

Contact Customer Service

  • 1-877-341-5484

Lost or stolen card

If your Fuel Everywhere gift card is lost or stolen you can request a new card by calling the toll free number

How To Handle Transaction Disputes

In the event you experience transaction disputes before seeking assistance with Fuel Everywhere you should speak with the merchant first.  If they aren’t helpful then contacting Fuel Everywhere is your next option, here’s how to approach transactions disputes:

  • Visit www.fueleverywhere.com/dispute

Download a Cardholder Dispute Form

Complete the form and mail back to 

Cardholder Dispute Services

6220 Stoneridge Mall Road

Pleasonton, CA  94588

email :  dispute.support@bhnetwork.com

FuelEverywhere Details

The gift card is used for most purchases at any national or local service station that accepts Visa debit.  Purchases include car washes, oil changes, smog checks, etc.

Card can be used at the pump but be sure to pay inside to avoid the authorization hold which could hold funds more than your balance

Cannot be redeemed for cash or used at ATMs or for gambling purposes

When card reaches $0 it will be unusable and non-reloadable

Initial PIN associated with the card will be the last 4 digits of the card – recommended to change the PIN upon receipt

Always know the exact card balance before making purchase



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